Claire Richards

Shane Haron is the 2018 Spectacle Wearer of the Year

01 July Closing date

How do glasses fit in with your everyday style? The benefit of wearing specs during a lazy day off is that it hides the fact I'm not wearing make-up! If I'm going on a night out I match my retro specs to my make-up - red lips, a darker eye, big lashes and cleean skin. Avoid applying eye make-up too heavily - you can make more of an impression by emphasising your lips on a night out. 

Whose specs style do you admire, past and present? I admire a more natural look, like Jennifer Aniston. Her appearance is very pared back and her stylists seem to finish off her look very nicely. If I look back to the past I think probably Marilyn Monroe because she was quite quirky for her time, and I have a little bit of a quirky side myself; though I'd like to be braver sometimes. 

Are you looking forward to SWOTY 2018? I'm looking forward to hearing some of the finalists' stories. When I attended the awards last year I loved sitting at my table and seeing everybody donning specs. I think it's brilliant.

What would you say to anyone thinking of entering? Just go for it. People say 'I never win anything', but you really don't know what the judges are looking for. It's worth just taking a selfie - even if you forgot about it and you win, you'll get a lovely surprise. Plus for every entry, £1 is donated to kidscape in the UK.

Steps pop star and glasses enthusiast Claire Richards is the perfect fit as Specsavers new Spectacle Wearer of the Year ambassador.

Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year (SWOTY) ambassador and Steps star Claire Richards has really honed her personal style. We talk to the pop star and fashionista about SWOTY and how specs are now part of her everyday look.

What positive effect do you think SWOTY has on people that wear glasses? I think the SWOTY Awards are a great thing for specs wearers. I've met people who are shy and uncomfortable about having to wear them, but I think that the awards really focus on the positive aspects of wearing specs.

What makes SWOTY so different from other awards? It's an all-inclusive award, so anyone over 16 years old can enter. I've always wanted to wear glasses, so the minute I was told I needed a prescription it was like it was my birthday!

How many glasses do you own? I actually don't know how many specs I have. When I get my eyes tested I tend to buy two, and then I always have a favourite that I wear to death. I like quite thick, black glasses, but I also have some with metal sides - it's a fashion thing for me.